Deep Relaxation



Foot Reflexology-stimulation of reflex points on the feet. A whole body therapeutic experience

leaves your feet feeling fantastic!

Hand Reflexology- prefer hands? Enjoy whole body therapeutic effects releasing fatigue in your

hands. Great for those who use computers or hands frequently.

Face Reflexology- Melt away the fatigue as this light technique on the face relaxes and

rejuvenates your whole body. Great for sinus issues or headaches.

Ear Reflexology- deeply profound results follow the stimulation of reflex pt. on the ears great for

muscular and skeletal issues.

Individualized Aromatherapy- Add a therapeutic  blended lotion with healing properties of fine essential oil.

     Bach Flower Essence-Have a custom remedy can help you become your best you yet. Calmer & Stronger.

Reflexology is a beautiful holistic treatment focusing on the feet and lower leg areas.

Your 1 hour treatment involves gentle stimulation and deep massage of the

reflex/pressure points in your feet. This non-intrusive soothing therapy gently relaxes

you, aiding your body to re-boot and restore you to balance.

Reflexology treats the whole person and people feel an improved sense of health &

wellbeing alongside an improvement in their presenting condition. Regular treatments

are encouraged to enhance the overall wellness so you can see and feel the difference.

 Anxiety when dealing with acute conditions or chronic illness

 Stress and tension from physical or emotional imbalances

 Headaches, migraine

 Sleep disorder, insomnia

 Digestive, IBS disorders

 Circulatory, nervous system problems

 Back/neck pain, sciatica

 Joint Pain

 Degenerative disorders

 Toxin build up, lymphatic drainage


Refer a friend, who receives a session & receive half off your session.

Mobile Reflexology

If you are unable to visit us in our two locations at "It's My Health" or South County ~We come to you!